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Yuvraj Singh, Yet Again Proves Why He is The King of Comebacks !!

Who in their wildest dreams would have thought of an ‘old’ Yuvraj Singh whacking the young English attack all over the park! It was nothing less than a dream come true for every Yuvraj fan when they saw their prince in full throttle. Poor English bowlers became mere spectators when the Yuvi-Mahi assault began at Cuttack. Yuvraj had shown glimpses of what was about to come in the warm-up game at Mumbai.

Barabati Stadium in Cuttack

In the first ODI too, he timed a couple of pulls so perfectly that his fans started believing they have got their prince back. That feel though was short lived in the first ODI as he departed in an attempt to chase down 350+. His fans were not disappointed at all, as those two shots were enough for them to start believing.
When Shikhar Dhawan and Lokesh Rahul walked out to bat at the Barabati Stadium in Cuttack, most of the fans donning a Kohli jersey expected yet another masterclass from their new captain. However, Chris Woakes had some other ideas and made this difficult for Kohli and got him caught by Ben Stoles. It was a flat pitch coupled with a small ground, an ideal combination for any batting line-up and a horror ride for any bowling attack. Chris Woakes though proved all that wrong when he dismantled the Indian top-order reducing them to 25 for 3.

England were joyous, the crowd was silenced.

It was India’s old captain MS Dhoni walking out to join his old ally Yuvraj Singh. All what the spectators would have expected of these two would just be a rescue act at the most for Jadhav and Co. to come and have a whack yet again. Yuvraj and Dhoni however were ready to turn back the clock to
when these two were the only names the crowd used to chant.
Dhoni was holding his side cautiously at one end with Yuvraj sparkling in bits and pieces at the other end. It was all about getting his act together for Yuvraj and when he scored three boundaries in the 8th over by Jake Ball, that started looking certain. But yes, that wasn’t it. Yuvraj was determined to do bigger this time.

A tickle off his pads, a vintage pull and a classy on-drive was enough to get the silenced crowd going berserk again. It was Dhoni though who got past the fierce spell from Chris Woakes. He had even played out two maidens by the time Woakes was taken off. In the 11th over, Yuvraj sweetly timed Liam Plunkett for two elusive drives through the off-side for two more boundaries. This made his fans yet again believe that their prince is back to his best.
It was a mere vintage show then that all we Indian fans are so used to. Be it Moeen Ali, Ben Stokes or any other bowler that Morgan used, Yuvi and Mahi defeated all of them. From Mahi going down the track to Yuvi swinging his blade across, everything took the crowd back to the good old days. The absentee Rohit Sharma too started sensing what was in store when he tweeted, “Yuvraj and Dhoni looking good out in the middle. Are we in for a vintage Dhoni/Yuvi partnership”. Yes Rohit, yes!

India won their good old champ back

The partnership went past 50, 100, 150, 200 and broke so many records. 150 for Yuvraj and 130 for Dhoni meant India were nowhere near danger anymore. Yuvraj, the ‘old’ Yuvraj had produced one of the most sensational innings one could have ever thought of.
India won the match and the series but more importantly they have won their good old champ back. A comeback of this significant style has never been witnessed and never will be witnessed. Yuvraj Singh, after so many comebacks have aptly taken his throne to be perfectly crowned as the King of Comebacks!

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