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Famous Cricketers and their Super Cool Cars:

Undoubtedly, Cricketers lives are exciting both in and off the field. Their persona as well as exquisiteness reflects on their lifestyle decisions, primarily talking about cars. A considerable lot of our cricketers have interest for top notch cars and holds a pretty big collection of Hot Wheels. Ranging from BMW to Lamborghini’s, you will get to see some exceptionally wonderful beasts in their carports. Likewise, the majorities of the super cars are either of a limited edition or are extraordinarily made for them.
Here we go with the list of the super cool luxury cars owned by the top cricketers:

1. Virat Kohli – Audi R8 Lmx:

Virat Kohli has a preference for everything exquisite and stylish. Kohli is an avid CAR LOVER and that can be very well seen by his list of cars. He possesses some genuine hunk machines.
He surely has his devotion towards Audi and his collection includes the Audi R8 LMX Limited release, which costs around an astounding Rs 2.97 Crore. The next in the line is the Audi R8 V10, which is priced approximately at about 2 Crore. The other cars that are under his collections are, Audi A8L W12 Quattro, AudiQ7 4.2 TDI as well as the Toyota 4×4. Coming back to the Audi R8 LMX, it is basically limited to just 99 units. This monster has a top speed of 320 km/h and powered by a 5.2-liter aspirated V10 engine that delivers a maximum power of 570 Bhp and a peak torque of 540 Nm. That is some stuff, I tell you.

2. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Ferrari 599 Gto:

The Captain Cool is not just a bike fan but has a range of some big car toys as well in his garage. Hummer is one of the outstanding cars possessed by Dhoni and there are numerous more in his kitty. Ferrari 599 GTO tops the rundown of his super cars as far as the price is concerned, which is esteemed around Rs. 3 Crore. His collections are pretty unique with different types of cars and these royal beauties include, Audi Q7, Hummer H2 and the ever stylish Ferrari 599 GTO.

3. Sachin Tendulkar – Bmw I8:

The cars owned by Sachin Tendulkar never fail to make a buzz. He has a major accumulation of cars of all shapes and sizes. With a garage that includes the likes of BMW M5 and also BMW X5, tells a lot about his classy choices. He was additionally the glad owner of Ferrari 360 Modena and later sold the Ferrari and purchased a Nissan GTR 530. His most prized possession is the super cool, BMW i8. The i8 is powerful and produces 357 hp of power and once you’re in the hot seat of this car, you’re surely going to have a ride of your life. The price of the BMW i8 is about Rs 2.54 Crore.
The other prized car of the Master Blaster is in the form of the Nissan GT-R, finished in red and it surely stands out from the rest. Anyway, a standard GT-R would surely stand out from the rest as there aren’t many of them in India.

4. Yuvraj Singh – Lamborghini Murcielago:

The costliest car of Yuvraj Singh is undoubtedly the Lamborghini Murcielago and it is priced at Rs. 3 Crores. Lamborghini Murcielago tops the list in terms of his collection, followed by a set of cars in the form of BMW 3 series, Audi Q5, BMW M3 Convertible, BMW X6 M, Mercedes Benz S-class, Bentley Continental, Porsche 911 and BMW M5. The BMW X6 M of Yuvraj is basically the performance version of the flagship SUV. He got it in a flawless blue color that makes it look exotic in a way. The cricketer loves bikes as well yet he doesn’t ride them due to promise he made to his mother. Anyway, he has a list of some fascinating cars from BMW, Audi, Mercedes and more.

5. Hardik Pandya – Land Rover Range Rover:

Hardik Pandya is tough guy when it comes to playing on the field with passion and the same can be said about his choices for cars. It is a well known fact that he is quite fond of Luxury cars and recently he got himself a classy Black Land Rover Range Rover SUV. This Beast is about Rs. 1.66 Crore and is a sure shot favorite among the elite. It is surely a powerful car with those magnificent looks to stand out while being on the road. He has been seen a lot of times driving this Range Rover and putting it up on his Twitter handle. Well, with a car like that, anybody would want to show off a bit.

6. Rohit Sharma – Bmw M5:

There is a major component of class and style in his batting and his choice of cars says the same as well. Like, his fellow team mates, he also has loves his collection and possesses a BMW M5 series which is valued around 1.5 Crores. The BMW M5 is effortlessly a standout among the most fun cars to drive in the world. This sleek car has a 4.4-liter Turbocharged V8 Petrol engine. The engine outputs a power of around 560 Bhp alongside a peak torque of 680 Nm. Driving a BMW M5 has a charm of its own with smooth rides and we can get it why he chose to buy this Hot Toy. He also has a Skoda Laura and an Audi 6.

7. Kl Rahul – Mercedes Amg C43:

We all know that KL Rahul is a destructive player and someone to keep an eye on for the future with his high class game play. He also has another side of himself as he’s quite fond of Stylish Hot Wheels on the road.
He drives exceptionally stylish Mercedes AMG C 43 that is priced around Rs. 74 Lakhs and a class apart. It is the white variant of the Mercedes C43 AMG that he owns and going right into the details about the performance of the car; it is fueled by a 3.0-liter V6 engine that delivers a power of 348 Bhp. Now, that is some power for a car.

Tell us, who do you think has the coolest CAR collection in Indian Cricket Team?

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