Cricketers and their Firecrakers Equivalent – Happy Diwali !!

India is a diversified land of festivals. From Holi to Eid, from Christmas to Durga Puja, each festival is celebrated with unmatched zeal and vigour. Among these many festivals, there is a festival of lights- Diwali.

Every year, the festival of Diwali is rejoiced by everyone alike. Be it the PM of India or an ordinary ‘chai-wala’, it brings a sense of joy in everyone’s life. People celebrate the festival by cleaning houses, lighting diyas and of course bursting firecrackers.And when we talk of India, Diwali and firecrackers, we can never leave out Cricket, after all, the game is itself a religion.

So, here we present you our own Indian cricketers and their firecracker equivalents:

Mahendra Singh Dhoni = Our Gola Bomb

MSD announced himself on the scene when he carted the Pakistani bowlers all over the park en route to his 148, his first century in ODIs. And as they say the rest was history. Whenever he explodes, he makes sure to take the game away and that is why he is our Gola bomb whose explosion is unmatched and unheard of.

Virat Kohli = Rocket (Sky is the limit)

The rocket is one of the most peculiar firecracker as it’s the only one that soars right into the sky and illuminates the world with its sparkling brilliance. Likewise, he who goes by the name Virat does the same. His ever-growing stature is unparalleled and for him sky is the limit. With 100% dedication and 200% consistency, Virat Kohli is illuminating the cricketing world with his sheer brilliance

Rohit Sharma = Lari or Bijli Bombs (Inconsistent but the best when it comes to pure fun)

A ‘Lari’ is fun to play with. They come in all sizes ranging from a pack of 50 to a pack of 10000. People enjoy them only when a very long ‘lari’ bursts with unabashed swagger but the same people get frustrated with the amount of inconsistency of the same. And, the word inconsistency best describes Rohit Sharma. At one time, he is unstoppable and can send even the best of deliveries out of the park and at other times, he frustrates the masses by throwing his wicket away.

Ajinkya Rahane = Anar or Fountains (Pleasing to the eye, Silently does its job)

The anar is one of the most popular firecrackers and is pleasing to the eye. Their sparkle lightens up the surroundings and that too without making any sound. Similarly, Ajinkya Rahane is one of the most elegant batsman in the world. The diminutive batsman has been providing solidity to the middle order of the Indian test team and has been the best batsman in the past one year and a half. And all this he has achieved silently without ever hogging the limelight.

Ravichandran Ashwin = Charkha or Ground Spinner (Spins to dazzle)

The charkha or ground spinner is a round wheel firework which when lit spins at a high speed producing a spiral effect of coloured sparks. In simple words, it spins to dazzle. Similarly, R.Ashwin also spins the ball to dazzle the batsmen, the crowd, the fans and the whole cricketing world. The second fastest man to 200 test wickets has been on a roll since the 2015 World Cup. He has been scalping wickets for fun and no one had been able to decipher the dazzler.

Cricfans wishes all Cricket Fans a Happy and Safe Diwali !!

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